Featured Food of the Week: Eggfruit or Canistel

Eggfruit or Canistel

Pouteria campechiana

Canistel is produced from an evergreen tree native to, and cultivated in, southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador. The edible part of the tree is its fruit, known as an egg fruit.

The Fruit

The flesh is somewhat pasty and has a creamy mousse-like texture. The flavor is rich and is reminiscent of an egg-custard. The fruit may contain between one and six large brown seeds. Low is water content and high in calories.


How do you eat it?

It can be eaten fresh. Cut fruit in half, remove the few shiny black seeds from the center, and scoop out the flesh. The thin rubbery skin is not edible.

The ripe fruit can also be made into jam, marmalade, pancakes, and flour. The ripe flesh is blended with milk and other ingredients to make a smoothie, when pureed it is sometimes added to custards or used in making ice cream. It is also used in a milkshake known as "eggfruit nog".


Canistel Banana Creme Pie

Here’s a 3-ingredient Pie recipe using Eggfruit. All you need is Eggfruit, Banana, and Dates!


When ripe, it has the texture of a hard-boiled egg yolk. Eggfruits should give to the touch, indicating that their smooth pulp is ready for consumption. Though some find the smell off-putting, canistels also emit a musky aroma when ripe.

Why is it good?

Like other orange-colored fruits, eggfruit is high in beta-carotene and niacin. Which protects eyes, gives hair sheen, and maintains healthy skin. It helps with preventing and eliminating various inflammations in the body. Due to the high levels of minerals present in the fruit, it may help lower blood pressure. Lastly, the carotenoids help fight cancers, age related degeneration, depression, headaches, heartburn, and high blood pressure.







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