How can I support my local farm?

By joining our CSA program, which is free, you will be able to come by the farm weekly to pick up a box of freshly harvest fruits and veggies at a great cost- only $25! Reserve yours for this coming week using the button below!

What the heck is "CSA"?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an attempt to address the many problems of modern agriculture by redefining the relationship between the farmer, consumer and the natural biological systems which comprise a farm.
Which means, we want to build a community of awesome neighbors who care about sustainability, local farming, and of course- organic, delicious food! 

Upcoming CSA Pick-Up Days

CSA Member Sign Up

No commitments here! Our CSA pick-up is weekly and has no commitment requirements. By filling this form, you are simply letting us know you are interested in joining our CSA program and may want to pick up a box sometime. If you just want to chat or ask a question, be sure to contact us directly here!

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